Fiverr to the Rescue!

file00047523583I came across Fiverr quite a while back–and I’d planned to avail myself of its services.

I mean, I signed up for it, spent hours noodling around over there, considering various and sundry services. But then I got busy with a couple projects and it fell off my radar.

Until this weekend when I realized I had a post scheduled for the Muffin. A post I hadn’t exactly got ’round to writing. So it was Fiverr to the rescue!

And now that I think about it, maybe The Five Buck Deal at Fiverr will come to your rescue in some way, shape, or writing form. Of course, it would help if you had some idea what I was talking about…

So, yeah. Maybe zip over to the Muffin and give it a read? And then let me know if you’ve had any experience with Fiverr. I’d love to hear about it!

Why Are You Reading?

Goodreads pic close upI know most people ask what are you reading. But I often choose books because I have a specific need in mind.

That’s not to say I don’t read for the pure joy of it; I do. But I also read to learn a little something something. And I don’t mean the non-fiction books on writing (though I certainly learn a little something something from those pages, too). I’m talking about the stacks of kidlit fiction I read and what I glean from those pages. Today on The Muffin, I explain The Business of Reading and why I read the books I read.

But I’m afraid you’ll have to read just a bit more to get your answers.

Back At the Muffin With Good Writing Stuff

WOWBlogExcellenceSo all’s right in the bloggy world again as I can click on the little Muffin widget and go straight to that wonderful source of writing info and advice over at WOW! Women-on-Writing. And just in time, too, ’cause I’m over there with some rather timely writing stuff I call “Could You? (Yes.) Should You? (Maybe Not.)

And if that title doesn’t pique your interest, then perhaps I should mention that there’s a pic of a Junior Hall over there. One of my favorite Junior Hall pics, I might add, as this kidder is stunningly handsome and hilarious.

That sort of thing runs in the Hall family.

Which would be obvious if I could get the little widget showing the hilarious yet charming pic of yours truly back on the blog. But I’m starting to think the universe is trying to send me a sign. A Just-Because-You-Can Doesn’t Mean You Should sign.

I haven’t decided yet whether to listen.

The Importance of Speaking (In Front of People)

Because I come from a radio background of news and public service, I’m fine with talking to strangers.

(And trust me. There are a lot of strange people in the world. And before you think I’m being all judgey, I’m including myself in that category.)

So as a writer, I don’t have a problem getting up in front of strangers and talking about myself or a book that includes one of my stories. But I totally get that many writers struggle with this part of the writing business. And I expect many in the publishing business get it, too. But that doesn’t mean that writers will get a pass in that department.

It means that once you’re an author, you must be prepared to talk about your book. That’s the topic I addressed over at the Muffin today: “Talking About Your Book. You Can Do It!” So zip over there and give it a read for tips on getting comfortable talking to strangers.

‘Cause like I said–lots of strange people in the world. But hey, strange folks read. A lot. (Or so I’ve heard.)

Friday’s Fun Find: Pictures With Text!


So I was thinking about the 2015 goals for Cathy the Writer, and honestly, they’re the same goals every year: write, read, market, stay on top of business. And I pretty much follow those goals every day. (Well, maybe not Sunday–a writer girl’s got to have one day off, right?)

So then I remembered that I’d written a post over at The Muffin on this very topic. I called the post, “Just for Today, For the Writer.” And I figured I’d just print that out and slap it on the wall of my office with all the other stuff I like to keep foremost in my wee little brain. But it’s a lot of words, y’all.

So I abbreviated the post to one page. But since I sit at my laptop with my reading glasses on when I’m writing, the print of anything up on my wall has to be somewhat large so that I can read it. Which even the abbreviated post was not.

What to do? What to do? I know, says I, I’ll put it on my blog so I can click on it and read it whenever I need to get going on goals! (Plus, I can share it with the writer world.) All I need, says I, is to slap the title on an image.

Which is the kinda long story that gets you–at last!– to the site I used to put text on an image (for free!) and save the image to use on my blog. I used Quozio; I got the quick scoop from this post from Raven. I tried a few of the sites mentioned, and managed to waste all kinds of time, until I eventually ended up with the cool image, now a widget, over there to your right.

Gosh, I love Fun Fridays.