A Gift Idea For the Writer

Have you ever noticed that the writing process includes a ton of road metaphors?

While writing my last post for The Muffin, I literally came up with a dozen phrases I could’ve used. It was a good reminder for me, that writing is a journey. Sometimes, yes, it can be a short little trip from idea to words on a page to publication. But more often, it takes time to produce, to polish, to sell.

2015-11-07 12.11.47Lots of time. Lots of words. And in this world of hurry-up and multi-tasking, time is something of a premium. Still, if you want premium publication, I think you have to be prepared to put in the time, and to give yourself time. It can take a while, The Publication Path, First to Last Draft, as my friend and author, Heather Montgomery shared at a recent writer’s workshop.

Maybe this holiday season, you can give yourself the gift of time: time to think, time to write, and time to appreciate the journey. Because as the song goes, “the road is long, with many a winding turn, that leads us to who knows where. Who knows where?”

But when you get there, oh, boy. It’s worth it. (Just ask any writer.)

Jersey Boys and Writing Stuff

Juniorette Hall and I took each other to Jersey Boys for our birthday and for once, nobody told me (or her) to shut up during the singing parts. It. Was. Heaven. So then the sweetest daughter in the whole wide world bought me the CD. Possibly because she received a gift certificate to a shoe store so that she could buy new boots.

Whatever. The point is, Jersey Boys came to the house and I cranked the music up and wrote my latest blog post for The Muffin. Or tried to write my blog post (entitled, coincidentally, Oh What A Post!). I hope you’ll give it a read and answer my burning question. I’ll even provide a little music to read by (from Jersey Boys, the movie, because who doesn’t love a little Christopher Walken, singing and dancing?):

Book Covers on Cakes and Steps to Publication

We have this wonderful dessert party the night before our fall SCBWI conference in Birmingham, and this year, it was extra special! That’s because we do these big sheet cakes and anyone who’s had a book or magazine piece come out in the last year or so gets their cover on the cakes. (It’s an icing sheet that goes on top of the cake.) It’s really fun and delicious, too!

wik cake pic

So this year, I had a couple book covers on the cake! (See A Gallery of Ghosts? The pink cover with the kids on front?) Yep, lots of fun stuff! And lots of people saying, “Hey Cathy? How’d you get into the Korean educational market?”

Funny story, that. Funny as in interesting, I mean. And perhaps a bit instructional. So I wrote all about it for my Muffin post today in “Three Steps To Get You Closer To Publication.” You might find it interesting, too. (I really wish I could share that cake with you, but maybe you can grab a nice cup of tea and a cookie. Happy reading!)

Good, Well, Whatever

timthumbSo I just returned from a swell SCBWI conference and my brain is still a little frazzled from all that good writing stuff coming in (and hopefully the bad writing stuff going out). But I promise to share a couple writing treasures after I’ve decompressed.

Oh! Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll pick the winner for Last in a Long Line of Rebels on Thursday on Wednesday, October 28th, and then give a couple winning tips so that those of you who don’t win this wonderful novel won’t feel quite so bad. (But don’t comment here if you want to enter the giveaway–go comment on the post from last week, please!)

In the meantime, you can enjoy “Facing the Sewing Moment” over at the Muffin, depending on where you are in your writing journey. That is to say, if you’re serious about writing, you’ll want to get crackin’ and if you’re not so serious, you’ll give yourself permission to chill out. Either way, it’s all going to be good.

Um…I mean well (said the gal who just returned from a writer’s conference).

You, Too, Can Use A Cartoon To Help Write A Blog Post

It’s funny how the old brain works, right? I needed a topic for a Muffin post and out of the blue, my brain went to Good Idea, Bad Idea from the old Animaniac cartoons (from the brain of Steven Spielberg). And of course, then, I had to spend a day, watching episodes and bits, for research, you know. But also because I LOVED the Animaniacs.

When I sat back to watch “I’m Mad”, though, suddenly the old brain gears clicked and I realized why I loved Animaniacs so much. Folks, welcome to my world, Oldest Junior Hall, Juniorette Hall, and Youngest Junior Hall–yep, the exact order of the Animaniacs–circa 1997.

Funny, funny brain.

(P.S. The Muffin post is pretty good, too, if you’re interested in hearing about Good Ideas, Bad Ideas when it comes to writing conferences. Even if it took me all day to write it. And now, I leave you with this last one. Good Idea: Watching cartoons to get an idea for a blog post. Bad Idea: Watching cartoons to get an idea for a blog post.)