Finding Keeper Jon, um, Scieska? Sciezka?

Okay, give me a minute here to check on this spelling…Jon Scieszka. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Sheesh. That’s a funny name, isn’t it?

Which makes sense, ’cause Jon is a very funny guy. I’ve been reading his books since way back in the day when First Born Hall took a liking to Jon’s first book (what a coincidence!):

little_pigs Thank goodness it made me laugh. ‘Cause I had to read that book about a hundred times. So, it just seemed like a good idea to buy the book instead of paying all those library fines.

Flash forward to this past weekend when I read that Jon S. ( I mean, really. I can’t be stopping to check that spelling each time.) would be speaking at the AJC Decatur Book Festival. First Born Hall was thrilled!

So thrilled, in fact, that he scrounged through the box with all the picture books and found The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.  He wanted Jon S. to sign the book.

But apparently, when it came time to head to the AJC Decatur Book Festival, he couldn’t get ready in time. (Well, he’s only 24. He hasn’t quite mastered that getting up before noon thing yet.) He did meet me at the door with that book, asking me to get it signed.

Excuse me? First of all, hard-working authors want you to buy their new books. They do not want you to bring some book that looks like something the cat dragged in. And secondly, why should I stand in a long line (with some bedraggled book) when I’m going to see the man, upclose and personal?

In the end, Jon S. was so funny and charming, I bought this book:

bookcoverAnd I even asked Jon to sign the book for First Born Hall.  And he listened very politely to my whole First Born Hall story, and then added, “Thanks for stopping by!” below the “To Joey” part. Which made me laugh right out loud.

I told you he was funny. And you know what else? He’s kinda funny-looking, too. As you can see in this pic with Cathy-on-a-Stick:

DSC00548But I’d follow him just about anywhere. Reading his books. Even if I can’t spell his name.

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