Finding Something Friday on Alexa and Fairy Tales

I somehow managed to roll myself into the office so I could share what I found on this Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean, besides the three extra pounds I found around my waist.

So, I opened my Inbox to find a lovely email from Enchanted Conversation where I’d sent a poem having to do with Sleeping Beauty. Which turned out to be a very good thing, what with Sleeping Beauty being the theme of their first issue, due to come out in January 2010. So whee! I can’t wait to read this online magazine that celebrates all things Fairy Tales-ish.

Now, I know you’re thinking hold on a pea-pickin’ minute. Is this the same woman who wrote The Nano Lament (sung to the tune of I’ve been Working on the Railroad)? Well, as it happens, I can write delightful, not to mention, deeply moving poetry when the lyrical muse whacks me upside the head. But you shall just have to take my word for it until January, 2010 (when I shall give you a firm but kind push in the direction of Enchanted Conversation).

And since Enchanted Conversation is a new magazine, it will be trying to grow its readers. That reminded me of a nifty little tool I use to see how my blogs are growing, so to speak. It’s called Alexa, and I’m totally enamored with this web traffic whatchamacallit. You can install the Alexa toolbar or you can install the statusbar. I use the statusbar so I can check my blog’s ranking.

I’m not really all that sure what affects blog ranking. I know that the number of hits to a blog affects ranking, but I’m guessing there’s more to it than that. Links back to your blog might help your ranking, or a variety of visitors vs. the same old, same old crowd of visitors may have something to do with it, too. All I do know is that I like to check those numbers to see how my blog’s ranking goes up and down.

Kinda like my weight during the holidays. Which is not nearly as fun as you think.

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