You, Too, Can Use A Cartoon To Help Write A Blog Post

It’s funny how the old brain works, right? I needed a topic for a Muffin post and out of the blue, my brain went to Good Idea, Bad Idea from the old Animaniac cartoons (from the brain of Steven Spielberg). And of course, then, I had to spend a day, watching episodes and bits, for research, you know. But also because I LOVED the Animaniacs.

When I sat back to watch “I’m Mad”, though, suddenly the old brain gears clicked and I realized why I loved Animaniacs so much. Folks, welcome to my world, Oldest Junior Hall, Juniorette Hall, and Youngest Junior Hall–yep, the exact order of the Animaniacs–circa 1997.

Funny, funny brain.

(P.S. The Muffin post is pretty good, too, if you’re interested in hearing about Good Ideas, Bad Ideas when it comes to writing conferences. Even if it took me all day to write it. And now, I leave you with this last one. Good Idea: Watching cartoons to get an idea for a blog post. Bad Idea: Watching cartoons to get an idea for a blog post.)

World Teachers’ Day

October 5th is World Teachers’ Day, and though I appreciate teachers every single day, I’m glad to have this day to shine a global spotlight on them! I’m also glad that Grammarly came up with one of their brilliant infographics to celebrate, too!

But first, a thank you to the teacher who taught me to love grammar and words and Shakespeare and reading and writing and…well, I think you get the picture. Technically, I never sat in my mom’s classrooms, but I learned from her every day of my life. And now that I think about it, I’m still learning from her. Mom–and all the teachers through the years–you may be gone but you’re never, ever forgotten!

Make a lasting impression. Be a teacher!

World Teacher Day

P.S. I loved many of those books and movies about teachers, but my favorite all-time teacher’s movie? To Sir With Love. Oh. My. Word. Sidney Poitier. Lulu singing that song? London in the 60’s? Okay, that’s it. I need a To Sir With Love break.

Friday’s (Scary) Fun Find: October

So here we are in October and that can mean only one thing, y’all: MY BIRTHDAY!

Yeah, it’s pretty scary. It might even be fun. But it probably won’t be as scary fun as the cauldron of Halloween writing contests I’ve stirred up for you. Take a peek at this creepy lot: Halloween Ghost Story Contest (Brought to you by those creepsters from New England. I’m already shiverin’ in my boots. Also, age groups from elementary to adult. BOOooooooOOOOooooo.)

Scariest Opening Scene Contest (Sponsored by the Tell-Tale Publishing Group. And hey, it’s just the opening. Plus, you can win the Vincent Price Award. Vincent Price, y’all. A chill just zipped down my spine.)

Halloween Short Story Contest (From the folks at Amberjack Publishing. And the winner will get $500. Yeah. Five hundred dollars. ACCCK!)

So off you go–scare up some good writing. And by good, I mean horrible. OoooooOOOOooooo.

Winner! Winner! (Is It You?)

Ada cover 72dpiIf Ada Byron Lovelace were still with us, she’d get a big kick out of me using to choose a winner for Laurie Wallmark’s book, Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine. 

Not that I really understand half the applications over there on, but I know there are LOTS of numbers involved, and Ada was all about the numbers. You can see what I mean if you just dash back and check out last week’s post about the book and Laurie’s interview. Gosh, I love this book! And I know that whoever wins this book will enjoy it, too!

Speaking of which, that winner would be Charlotte Dixon! Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine will be on its way to you soon!

A big thank you to Laurie Wallmark for stopping by and sharing her book and the journey with us! It’s always so inspiring for me to see writers I know get their stories out there. And speaking of that, another writer friend’s having a book birthday today: Lisa Lewis Tyre and Last in a Long Line of RebelsShe’s also promised to stop by with her book so stay tuned. The next book giveaway winner could be you!

The I-Got-An-Agent Post

Yep, I did it. And it only took…well, if you want to know exactly what it took, give a read to my story over on the Muffin today.

And yet…there’s a little bit of me that feels like Julie in The Sound of Music when she leaves the comfort of her old life to go out in the big, wide world to face whatever’s in store for her in her new life. In fact, I believe I shall sing along with Julie right now. Come join me! A little bit of “I Have Confidence” is good for all of us, right?