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Fishing for a book written by Cathy C. Hall? You’ll have to go all the way to Korea, but it’ll be worth it, right?


Here are my two latest releases from Darakwon. First up, Finding Psychology.  (Thank goodness, I have a swell writer friend who also happens to be a psychologist. Thanks to Dr. Nicole Harsch at the Decatur campus of Georgia State University!)


And don’t let the expression on that little boy’s face scare you. Around the World in a Single Day follows a class as they share cultures from five different countries, and they have fun!


Lots and lots of fun!


Darakwon Museum

Mystery at the Museum and A Gallery of Ghosts are also available through Darakwon Publishing.

Darakwon Gallery

Fishing for a good story? I’ve got a million of ’em!

(Okay, not a million. But a nice bucketful. Here are just a few of my favorites!)
















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