Writing A Pitch: As Easy as 1-2-3 (Okay, There’s a 4, 5, Maybe Up to 10)

Whilst catching up with emails and such, I came across an issue of Writing World that I hadn’t quite perused yet. I think that’s where I happened upon this delightful link to Kathy Carmichael’s Story Pitch Generator.

(Is it just me, or am I talking a bit fancy? That’s what happens when I read proper writing like I findest in Writing World.)

Anyway, yes, it’s a simple generator. But here’s what I love, love, love about this funny, little tool. It forces you to whittle away till you get to the essence of your novel. If you can’t fill in the blanks quickly and easily, then you don’t know yet what your novel’s about. And how can you pitch something you haven’t got a handle on yet?

It’s enough to make you want to pitch your manuscript out the window! Instead, take a deep breath and think about the simple questions. Really thinkest.

Bet you’ll find that pitch, after all. (Better go get your manuscript out of the bushes while you’re at it.)

National Doodle Day–Who Knew?

Well, I, for one, did not know that today is National Doodle Day. (That’s Neil Gaiman’s Doodle. Looks remarkably like something a Junior Hall drew in the 4th grade. )

But I kinda like this doodle idea.

I know most of us think of doodling as drawing little squiggles or curves, making silly little pictures on a piece of paper. We doodle in a class when the teacher gets boring. We doodle at a conference when the speaker gets repetitive. We doodle at church when the sermon drags.
Or maybe that’s just me. The point is, most of the time, we doodle when our mind’s not completely occupied. But have you ever let your mind doodle? When you’re occupied with some boring chore, like pulling weeds, or painting outside furniture, or scrubbing a tub, haven’t you let your mind wander? Sort of like a mental doodle?
I doodle out a plot problem while I’m planting a row of pansies. I doodle out an idea for a column while I’m washing my hair. I doodle a character’s traits while I’m unloading the dishwasher. When I mentally doodle, thoughts ramble about here and there. I may not have a substantive solution, but I will have a starting point, or perhaps a couple of points to develop.
The problem with mentally doodling is that, if you’re not careful, your wonderful doodle will go poof! Unlike your squiggles from your 10th grade notebook (Cathy + Tommy 4ever), thoughts and ideas may not stick around unless you take a moment to write them out.
Although, honestly, I have a couple doodled notes that make absolutely no sense to me now. Sort of like Tommy 4ever. I have NO idea who Tommy was.

Finding Something Friday: W is for Writer. Er, Writing. Um, Whatever.

Holy download, Batman! I may just have to spend a few of my hard-earned bucks for this program called WriteItNow that I found today.

After spending the last thirty minutes or so, fiddling with the free demo download, I’m beginning to see a definite value in this story-writing program. On the other hand, the demo story has to do with Native Americans and shamans and a mystery. I mean, I totally got sucked in with the story. But then there’s the super-impressive software sucking me in, too…
I’d love to hear if any of my writing buds have tried it. What was your experience? Or if you try the download and decide to buy WriteItNow, let me know all about it. Because it has just occurred to me that Mother’s Day is this weekend.

I’m pretty sure that Mother’s Day had something to do with the Writer Mama Every-Day-in-May-Book Giveaway. I don’t think it matters whether you are a mom or not; as long as you enjoy a good read, and enjoy winning a good book, then you’re eligible. Still, it’s a good idea to read “Da Rules.”
So zip over to Christina Katz’ site to find today’s giveaway. Meanwhile, I have some writing to do. Something along the lines of…
Dear Junior Halls,
I know you’ve been racking your brains, trying to figure out what to give your dear, sweet mother. It just so happens, I’ve got a couple brilliant ideas…