I Write, Therefore I Blog

Three years ago, I didn’t know what a blog was. The only on-line journal I’d heard about belonged to my daughter, and I had to sneak around like Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity to read it.

Then I decided to write (as in actually writing, not just sitting at the computer pretending to write while playing Mahjong). And in no time at all, I was reading everybody and their Aunt Teenie’s blog. It (the blog, not Aunt Teenie) seemed like one of those “important writing/marketing tools” that every serious writer should have in their “writer’s toolbox.”

To be honest, I’m not what you’d call a serious writer. But I am seriously pursuing publication. So if you read my blog, you’ll get the chance to come along on this fantabulous journey. And if I’m being perfectly honest (she said in a phony British accent), it won’t always be about Fame and Fortune as a writer. In fact, I can say with some authority that so far, it hasn’t been about fortune at all. I’m still holding out for fame.

Maybe I’ll share some of the ways I’ve found fame, so that you blog voyeurs can find fame, too. Or maybe I’ll share other people’s fame, if it really impresses me. But mostly, I’m thinking it will be about the fame of Cathy C. Hall. I mean, those other people can get their own blogs, right?

2 thoughts on “I Write, Therefore I Blog

  1. This is the most entertaining, provocative, and thought enhancing blog that I have ever read. Seriously, it is a wonderful idea. Best of luck on your career.

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