Finding Something Fridays Begins

I don’t know what other writers do on Fridays, but Cathy C. Hall spends her Fridays finding something. (Mostly because the beneficent Mr. Hall is underfoot on Fridays. And since I’m rather keen on his beneficence, I try not to complain about his underfoot-ness. Even though I can’t possibly concentrate enough to write brilliant, much less scathingly so, pieces of perfection.)

So I wander around on Fridays, finding things…overdue library books, sticky notes with terribly important messages, candy under the couch cushions… Today I found writing markets.

One particular market, Everyday Fiction ( was exactly what I’d been looking for! Not too la-ti-da, seeking short fiction (1,000 words or less) and published on the wonderful web with a link to your website. It just so happens that much of my fiction is tantalizingly short and leaning to the genre side. Kind of heavy on the horror, hold the literary, please.

The Fortune may be small, but the Fame factor is not. Think of all those lovely readers clicking on the link to Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame. It boggles the mind.

Not that Everyday Fiction has accepted my little works yet. But wouldn’t it be keen if they did? Then I could pay the fine on my overdue library book. If I ever find it.

2 thoughts on “Finding Something Fridays Begins

  1. Fridays are great around the Hall house. I, the beneficent Mr. Hall working at a fever pace to keep up with the mad mad world of BIG BUSINESS, Mrs. Hall or Cathy to her throngs of fans, looking for the kids! My only question is what is beneficent? I’m not sure but I’ll go ask Sally Dog, if we can find her!

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