The Least I Can Do

I know I’m supposed to fill you in on Cathy C. Hall’s roller coaster ride to Fame and Fortune. But this weekend, the roller coaster took a detour and ran smack dab into another writer: William Rawlings, Jr.

William Rawlings, Jr. and I have a shared interest in the beneficent Mr. Hall.

Well, actually, I don’t know that Dr. Rawlings is particularly interested in Mr. Hall now, unless Mr. Hall’s beneficence extends to purchasing one of the doctor’s suspense novels. But 28 years ago, it was a different story. Dr. Rawlings, Jr. plucked a young man from the jaws of death (or at least a serious, snarky infection) and sent him on his way in the world to find love, wealth and happiness (or at least a cheap date).

Anyway, I guess you’ve figured out who that young man is, give or take a few pounds and a few gray hairs. Meanwhile, William Rawlings, Jr. is an accomplished author with four books under his belt. The author and I came face to face for the first time at the inaugural Gwinnett Reads Book Festival.

You can read all about the good doctor’s books at I figure a plug is the least I can do, considering what he did for me.

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