Pass the Prayer and Pie

About this time of the year, I’m usually shifting into cooking mode. You know the drill: making lists, grocery shopping, making another list for the things forgotten, then back to the grocery store.

But this year, someone else is doing the cooking. In fact, lots of someone elses are doing a whole smorgasbord of cooking. And so I’m especially thankful.

For a few days, I’ll enjoy the Fortune of family. And as for Fame, well, here’s this year’s version of my Thanksgiving prayer. It’s not exactly famous, and likely will never be published, but my family likes it. (On the other hand, they’re my family. They really don’t have a choice.)

Lord, we thank you for this year,

For all the family we hold dear.

And the grace to gather for this food.

You know, Lord, it sure looks good!

Thanks for the tea and wine we sip.

And for all those years of the Hope Scholarship.

Thanks for the potatoes, fluffy and light,

And thanks for all the chances to write.

Thanks for the veges, a colorful riot.

And thanks for the success of the South Beach diet.

Thanks for the cranberries, rich and sweet.

For parents close by (even down the street!).

Thanks for the rice, gravy, yams and peas.

And thanks for the ability to shoot seventy-threes.

Thanks for the pies and cakes so appealing.

For love and laughter and moments of healing.

Lord, you know it’s been a year

Of ups and downs, but we’re still here.

So thank you, Lord, and bless this food.

Thanksgiving dinner never looked so good!

One thought on “Pass the Prayer and Pie

  1. Cathy — that is the best Grace I have ever heard and I’m keeping it. (It even made quite the “piquant poem”! (I don’t know if that’s the right word or not but I love it).Good to see you and Laine.We’ll lunch soon.

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