What Not to Do Wednesday Re: Rejection

I could write a book about rejection…and not just of the type on The Road to Publication.

But it’s Wednesday, so that means I’m here to instruct, not whine. Herewith my suggestions for those who may be tempted to cheer up a loved one in the face of writerly rejection. (Though I think saying-wise, 1 and 2 are universal, rejection-wise.)

1. Do not say something like, “It’s all for the best.” It’s not. Unless you’ve written a scorching, scandal-mongering tell-all book about somebody who can either a.) beat you up or b.) hire someone to beat you up. Then it probably is all for the best.

2. Do not say, “All you can do is keep trying.” That’s not all you can do. You can slap a well-meaning loved one upside the head after a comment like that, for instance.

3. Do not say, “(Insert name of famous writer here) was rejected 427 times before he published his famous book, (insert title here).” Nobody cares about (insert name of famous writer here) or his stinkin’ book, (insert title here). Except maybe (insert name of famous writer’s agent here).

I could go on but I think you get the point, grasshopper. Besides, I’m saving the best stuff for my book (insert title here).

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