Good News, Bad News in the South

So what’s the good news, you ask?

Snow! Wheeee! Wonderful, whimsical, wintery snow! Isn’t it grand to sit inside, all cozy and warm, with a hot cuppa. Ideas seem to percolate along too, and so the keyboard was buzzing all weekend with my latest story for the Highlights Fiction contest. You can check out the website here to get all the details. Don’t wait too long. Contest entries must be postmarked by January 31st.

It’s too bad I haven’t finished my first assignment with the Children’s lit course I’m taking. That could have been mighty helpful. But I have read some of the materials and I did pick up one little pointer. Wouldn’t it be funny if I won that contest now that I’ve spent all that money? Well, maybe not funny “ha-ha.”

And now you ask, “Hey, Cathy C. Hall, what’s the bad news?”

Snow. Frozen toes, frozen nose, stuck in the bleepin’ house on a holiday, snow. How’s a girl ever gonna get on the Road to Publication when she’s snowed in? And can’t think straight ’cause she’s so brrrrrr cold.

A little bit of snow goes a long way in the South. Even a dog knows that. (Sally went down the steps, but she absolutely would not go back up!)

2 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News in the South

  1. So did you end up having to carry her back up stairs, or did you coax her up with a delicious Scooby snack?Or did she have to wait 10 minutes until the snow melted–living in the South and all…. LOL

  2. I sent Mr. Hall to the basement to open that downstairs door and let her in. And even when the snow melted, and even when there were like two pieces of ice on the entire stairway, she would not go down. So Mr. Hall took her out into the front yard with a leash. And then the snow melted before she finished her business 🙂

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