Dear New Yorker: Thank you!

It arrived! It arrived! It finally arrived!

Those beneficent folks over at the New Yorker sent Mr. Hall their wonderfully splendiferous and the totally best all-around year planner in the world!

When January came around and my New Yorker planner hadn’t come in the mail yet, I was forced to buy another planner. I felt just like Goldilocks (with shorter hair): This planner is too small; this planner is too big; this planner doesn’t have enough space, etc., etc. I picked out a planner that was lovely, I’m sure, but it wasn’t the same.

Now, my New Yorker planner has arrived (despite all of Mr. Hall’s talk to the contrary). I can keep up with all my writerly goals so much better. I have lots of room for all of my writerly notes. I can enjoy a laugh when I read all the New Yorker cartoons. Can there be any doubt that my Fame and Fortune shall pick up now?

And all because, dear New Yorker planner, you are just right!

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