Tooting My Horn Tuesday: A Premium Green Update

I don’t always spend my writing budget wisely. Or any of my budget, for that matter. But that’s a somewhat unpleasant story, best left to Mr. Hall to tell. Today, my story is about a time I did spend the green well. And for that, I’m tooting my horn.

It’s been three months now since I joined Premium Green, an on-line writer’s guide developed by those hard-working folks over at WOW! Women-on-writing. Every month I receive an e-book stuffed with markets, writing articles, tips and advice…all for just two bucks a month.

I know what you’re thinking. I could get any market guide with similar information, for about the same price. That’s nothing to toot about. But hold on. There’s more to PG than just a great marketing tool for freelancers. It’s a wonderful writing community, too.

In my PG group, I can pick the brain of fiction writers or non-fiction writers…women who successfully run their own freelance businesses…or women just starting to call themselves writers. You can’t really put a price on that kind of generous support and knowledge.

Check out PG here to find out more. C’mon, you know two bucks a month for all that writerly brilliance is a bargain. And for that kind of bargain, I’ll toot my horn any day!

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