Tooting My Horn Tuesday: Rejection has its Perks

How funny is it that the one story I finally get accepted is about rejection?

Believe me, the irony smacked me upside the head. But not enough to knock the excitement out of me! My short (very short) story about Tracking Rejection will be in the Bylines Calendar for Writers, 2009! Fame! (Positive: My picture will be in the calendar! Negative: My picture will be in the calendar.) Fortune! (Okay, it’s five bucks. But I get a free calendar!) Publication! (A Calendar! That’s a first.)

I suppose I owe something to all that rejection that’s been piling up. After all, I wouldn’t have written that little calendar story otherwise. Now, what I need is a picture of a horn, but instead I’ll show you one of the pics I won’t be using in the calendar. Haven’t you always wondered what being smacked upside the head by rejection/acceptance looks like?

(And hey, it’s for a calendar!)

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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