What Not to Do Wednesday: Shall I Compare Thee to Another Writer?

I had to run outside and take a picture of a goose, but not to worry. Nothing will keep me from my WNTDW tip.

It’s short and sweet and works for so much more than writing. It’s simply this grasshopper: don’t constantly compare where you are on the Road to Publication with other writers on the same journey. Therein lies the Road to Madness.

Oh, I know how it is. You hear about a writer in your online group who’s just scored a wonderful freelance assignment and you can’t get a reply to a simple query. Or what about your writer friend in your critique group? She’s just sold another book and you can’t even get out of the slush pile.

We can’t seem to keep from comparing ourselves with others, whether we’re walking into a dinner party (Oh yeah, I’ve got the blonde beat by a mile, but that redhead’s dress is spectacular) or chatting at a writer’s conference (That poor guy doesn’t have a clue about plot, but that woman in the corner is a genius).

After all the comparing back and forth, are you a better writer? (And can you really afford a dress like that redhead’s, anyway?) No and no. Do your own thing, grasshopper, and before long, it won’t matter what any other writer is doing. Because you’ll find your niche and be happy exactly where you are.

And now I have a goose to get back to…but that’s a story for another day.

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