Tooting My Horn Tuesday : Sentence Soiree Luck at The Verb

I feel lucky, oh so lucky. I feel lucky, and plucky and bright!

I’m a singing, dancing fool when I win, so thanks to “West Side Story” for inspring me today. And a BIG thanks to Elizabeth Guy over at The Verb for her Sentence Soiree Party. Remember when I told you to write a brilliant sentence and send it in? You could have been the one to be plucked from the straw hat. But instead it was me!

That’s right. Cathy C. Hall won an opinion (a $300 value!) when her name was chosen out of all the daily winners. How’s that for a Fortune? Check it out here for the horn-tootin’ details. I know just the manuscript I’ll send. Technically, it’s the only manuscript I can send. But hey, that just makes the choice easy.

Kind of like the way I won that contest. I feel lucky, oh so lucky! Think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket.

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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