Tooting My Horn Tuesday: Being Cheap Pays off

Just for the record, I did not start out as a cheapskate. It took years of molding by the beneficent Mr. Hall before I achieved that goal. But all I can say is that when I perused the latest issue of Wow!, it made my penny-pinching days worth it!

My article, “The Cheap Writer’s Guide to Conferences,” was a feature! Now, here’s the funny thing. As I eyed the list of articles, I thought, Hmmmm, didn’t I submit something about conferences? Then I saw the title of an article, “The Cheap Writer’s Guide–” and I thought, Hold on a minute! That’s the title of the article I wrote! Someone stole my title! Then I started reading the blurb about the article and thought, Dang! I had the EXACT SAME IDEA! Seriously, someone stole my title AND idea! Then I saw my name and thought what an idiot.

But not such an idiot that I didn’t write a darn good article about how to save money and attend writer’s conferences. So check it out here. A little Fame for me. A small Fortune in savings for you. Just another day on the Road to Publication.

4 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday: Being Cheap Pays off

  1. Enjoyed your well-written “Cheap Writer’s Guide” article. The Decatur Book Festival is coming up in August … another opportunity to rub shoulders with published authors and lecturers!

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