Finding Something Friday: Bill’s Vlog, Not As Narcissistic as You Think

I read in my big-city newspaper where researchers from the University of Georgia (Shout out to PR guy, Anonymous!) concluded that folks who go overboard with the social networking might be a tad narcissistic. Frankly, I’m shocked. I mean, can’t a person talk about themselves ad infinitum without being super self-absorbed?

I, for one, can’t wait to see what my buddy, Bill, has to say on his podcast and BillTV. And now he has a vlog! So, if you’d like to see a very funny guy talk about well, himself, then head over to BillTV right now.

Now, I know you’re wondering what the heck does Bill’s vlog have to do with writing? As it happens, one man’s narcissism is another man’s (or woman’s) promotion. So, you could learn a thing or two about promoting your work by watching Bill’s vlog and other YouTube videos. Plenty of authors are taking it to that 4 x 4 inch screen, making videos about their books, and driving up sales.

Betcha didn’t think of that, did you? Lucky me. I know exactly who I’ll call for a few tips when I produce the Cathy C. Hall of Fame vlog.

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