What Not to Do Wednesday: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

That’s a good theme for October, huh? I love writing in October because I’m so frightfully good at coming up with stuff!

Anyway, back to the point, my yellow-bellied grasshopper. How many times have you let your fears keep you from doing something writing-related? Haven’t submitted because you’re afraid your writing’s not good enough? Haven’t tried a new market because you’re afraid you’re too green? Haven’t asked an editor a question because you’re afraid you’ll sound like an idiot?

I recently had lunch with a friend who mentioned a fact about social networking that I hadn’t considered. However, it happened that I had sent an article about social networking to one of my favorite markets. Oh, dear. I really needed to add something to that article. What to do?

You can probbaly guess that I opted to sound like the writing village idiot. I asked the editor if I could rewrite a section of that article and resubmit. And she was quite nice about the whole thing. For all I know, she’ll take a second look at that article now that I’ve sent the new and improved version.

So, don’t let your fears hold you back. Forge ahead. Except into the cellar if you’re home all alone. Sheesh. Are you crazy????

6 thoughts on “What Not to Do Wednesday: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

  1. I like your style! I tried that same “correct it and resubmit” thing with my SAT’s. It didn’t work. I can barely get the “word verification” letters correct to post here!

  2. I’ve been afraid that my writing would make me sound like an idiot. That’s why I read whatever I write to anyone who will listen. I read to the spouse, the kid, and yes, the cat (poor kitty!) After I’ve read it aloud, they all confirm I am an idiot by either laughing uncontrollably or meowing loudly. It could alwaysbe worse. I could be a speechwriter for the President.

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