Finding Something Friday Finds Christina Katz and Christmas Miracles

Technically, I did not find the Writer Mama, Christina Katz. But, I did find her latest book, Get Known Before the Book Deal, in my mailbox. (Oh, and Writer Mama, too!) And I plan to read it, maybe share a few tips with you. Now, if I just didn’t have all this pesky writing to do…

Here’s some pesky writing you may want to consider. Cecil Murphey and Marley Gibson are looking for true Christmas Miracle stories for their book…wait for it…Christmas Miracles! It’s planned for a late 2009 release, so those miracle stories need to be written, polished and submitted by December 24th. The good news is, you will be paid. And you only need 900 to 1200 nicely polished words. The bad news is, your story must involve a miracle and the Christmas season.

That’s kinda tough, isn’t it? I wonder if Cecil and Marley will count getting Christmas shopping done, a scrumptious feast prepared, a gorgeous tree put up, everybody to church on time, and sharing the holidays without at least one major blowout as a Christmas miracle? Not that I’ve ever actually accomplished that.

But maybe you have. Or maybe you have something even better. Check out all the details here if you want to write about your Christmas miracle. I think I’ll just read Christina’s book.

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