Finding Something Friday Is Not Always a Good Thing

In point of fact, on this particular Friday, I found something bad. Bad in the way that only a computer bad thing can be.

Here’s what happened (the short story, that is. The long story contains objectionable language and spit flying, which frankly, I’d rather not clean up again) :

There I was, minding my own business. Well, actually, I was minding the beneficent Mr. Hall’s business, and searching artificial sweeteners and “side effects” (to put the whole stomach thing politely). Then, suddenly, whoosh! I found a message on my computer screen saying, “Shut down immediately or die!” Or something like that.

So, I shut down immediately and saved myself. I did not, however, save the computer. It reeks now of some kind of putrid virus whenever I attempt to use a search engine.

Bottom line, I can’t find any good stuff on this bad Friday.

2 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Is Not Always a Good Thing

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