The Mail! The Mail! Cup of Comfort for New Mothers Arrives

One good thing about being busy, busy, busy, is that I completely forget about everything else going on in my life. So, I was stunned…well, maybe not stunned…I was shocked…um, shocked doesn’t quite work either. Let’s just be cliche and say “surprised.” But I was very surprised to get my copy of Cup of Comfort for New Mothers!

It’s just that I don’t like to count my publication credits before the book arrives. ‘Cause sometimes, a book never gets published. It falls into the black hole of Forgetaboutit Land. But not Cup of Comfort! No, sir! My story, “The Mom Memory Lapse,” was right there, on page, um, let me check…295.

Gee. Wonder if “The Mom Memory Lapse” almost didn’t make the cut in a Cup of Comfort for New Mothers? Or maybe it was just so splendiferous, the editor (Colleen Sell) put it toward the very end to build up to the wonderfulness of it all?

I’m going to go with the splendiferous build up scenario. So, here’s my story, in the latest C of C book, and really, I was surprised. But then, I was surprised to find a load of wet clothes in the washer (from a week ago).

12 thoughts on “The Mail! The Mail! Cup of Comfort for New Mothers Arrives

  1. I find it “shocking” that you’re so surprised — you’re getting published all over the place now, you writer, you! Congratulations. I wish we got CofC at the library but I will seek it out at Borders.

  2. Perhaps I could “accidentally” leave a copy at the library. Then you could say, “My goodness!This is the most amazing book I’ve ever read!” Then patrons will stampede the shelves to get that one little copy. Small children and librarians will be trampled and you’ll end up on the floor saying, “If only we’d ordered lots of copies of “Cup of Comfort for New Mothers.”Just a thought. 🙂 (P.S. Thanks for making my day!)

  3. Hey, Congratulations, my dear.Very cool.And smart to wait until everything is official.But I think it’s safe to believe it now. ;)What’s next? Can’t wait to see!

  4. Congrats on your “memory lapse.” Oops. That didn’t come out right. What I meant to say is…uh…geez I forget. It is nice to see your road to publication paying off.

  5. Cathy,Wow! I’m impressed. Just now I remember the time I locked my new baby in the car… with the keys on the seat … just after she’d received the polio vaccine by mouth…Congrats on writing and sending. Doing brings rewards.Love,Ms. Seal

  6. Thanks, Anonymous friends! I do like the Fortune, even if it’s just a bit of fortune :-)Ms. Seal, you have so many great stories (although locking the kid in the car may not be great, per se :-)What makes your stories special is your special voice, and I missed it yesterday! Sorry!

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