What Not To Do Wednesday on Skipping (Not the Running Skipping )

You know how on Thanksgiving you skip breakfast so you can really stuff yourself when dinner comes around? It’s all about leaving room for the delicious turkey, gravy, dressing, crescent rolls and pecan pie. You don’t want to fill up on cereal or scrambled eggs on Thanksgiving. You’re holding out for the really good eats.

So, I’m skipping WNTDW today so you’ll be ready to stuff yourself when George Singleton comes around next week to guest post on WNTDW. I’m leaving room for all of his writing wit and wisdom. No filling up on one of my more idiotic writing gaffes, grasshopper. You’ll want to come back for the really good lessons from a master (in writing, not writing gaffes).

Then you can gobble up his delicious What Not To Do’s. And I’ll be hanging out in the kitchen, waiting for the thank yous.

2 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on Skipping (Not the Running Skipping )

  1. I hope Mr. Singledingle knows of the fantastic shoes he has to fill to live up to your great posts? (This wasn’t the guy the Beneficiant Mr. Hall snubbed on the plane, was it?)

  2. Ha! Wouldn’t that be HI-larious if he were?I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about good old George :-)But, seriously, he’s a funny guy. And one heckuva writer. Can’t wait to see what he has to say.

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