Perfectly Good Reasons for A Missing Post

So, I was just conversing with a friend about blogging and such, and how I always try to post on Finding Something Friday. And then I went and missed my post on Friday. But I have perfectly good reasons that are, coincidentally, writing-related.

Reason One:

My very last ever Institute of Children’s Lit assignment was due on Friday. It was kind of a long and involved assignment that required not only a splendiferous children’s story, but also three different market analyses and a cover letter. I had more or less finished the assignment by Friday; all I had left to do was a quick edit of the more or less finished story, the three analyses and the cover letter.

Reason Two:

Facebook keeps sucking me into its vortex of virtual voyeurism. That may not sound like a legitimate reason, but believe me when I say resistance is futile. Unless you are the beneficent Mr. Hall. He left a message for me about Facebook…I’m not sure whether he’s making fun of my note system of leaving messages on the mirror, or if he’s making a statement about Facebook. Or possibly, Mr. Hall has managed to make two statements in one. For the sake of the kiddies, I attempted to convert certain letters to asterisks (no pun intended) before taking the picture.

Is Mr. Hall trying to tell me something? And if you happen to come across my ICL assignment, somewhere on Facebook, let me know, huh?

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