Finding Something Friday on Lots of Writing Stuff

So much to share today, I’m just jumping right in! Grab what you like and start writing…

If you’ve got a wonderful mom story, you need to polish it up and send it in for the Cup of Comfort for Mothers. They’ve done some restructuring over at C of C, so check out the new site for submission details and the handy-dandy submission form. You have till May 15th to get your wonderful mom story submitted, but check out the blog for other C of C happenings, like the Redbook and Cup of Comfort Silver Linings Contest (also ending on May 15th!) Plus, you’ll get a feel for C of C, which definitely helps if you want to get published in this series!

Lisa (a writer’s group buddy who just started a blog called Writing In the Buff, which is totally not what you’re thinking), sent me a heads-up about Mind-Wings Audio, a company producing audio short stories in all kinds of genres. It’s brand-spanking new, so I can’t tell you anything more than what you’ll find over there. I took a look around, though, and noticed lots of mystery and suspense. Which means either a. they really like mystery and suspense or b. they’ve got enough of that and are looking for something new. Whatever you send, it’s got to be long, like 8, 000 words or so. Sheesh, that’s a book where I write from.

And I know this isn’t writing, but you’re creative types, right? When I saw this note in the latest National Geographic, I ripped that page out (it’s okay-It’s my NG) because you might be visiting a national park sometime soon. I love parks, and I’m always thrilled to find a new one. So, I’m going to check this link to see what I’ve been missing around Georgia. And I’m going to grab my new camera and take some pictures for Your Shot in National Geographic. Wouldn’t it be swell if Georgia, sweet Georgia showed up? Check out the guidelines here.

Now, here’s Sally the crazy dog, who absolutely refused (again) to help me choose a winner for a book contest giveaway (Through Endangered Eyes by Rachel Dillon, remember?). Notice how Sally’s actually ignoring me? Any other time, Sally would be all over a tasty piece of paper (the scraps of paper had names of the contestants). But when I need her to pick one lousy piece of paper, she’s the Queen of Sheba. Hmmph. So, I’m sharing a cat story today. (It’s a wonderful story by Ruth Hartman, who’s a wonderful writer and, I hope, a good sport).

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