End of Month Submission Madness

According to my calculations, you have about a week to pull yourself and your writing together and submit something, somewhere.

Now, I know it’s summer. I know it’s too hot to think up settings, or characters, or heaven forbid, a plot with a twist. And I completely understand that you can’t possibly do a thing while So You Think You Can Dance is on. But it’s time to shake off the sand, get your feet out of the kiddie pool, and fire up the grill, um, gray cells. ‘Cause if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. And by “it” I mean your mad writing skills. So, try one of these fine destinations for your sizzling stuff:

Glimmer Train has all kinds of contests, all year long. June happens to be Open Fiction. How sweet is that? Those folks must know you’re in no mood to write anything new. They’re expecting you to send in something you’ve had lying about for awhile. However, they expect it to be amazing. That’s why the entry fee is $20. (First place wins $2,000. Yes, $2,000.)

June’s Contest Challenge at Cool Stuff4Writers is titled “Chaos.” Just create chaos in your scene, in 300 to 500 words and you could win $25.00. I create chaos every day; in fact, Sally the crazy dog is a pro at creating chaos. Even the beneficent Mr. Hall creates his fair share of chaos. So, I’ve got this contest in the bag if things ever settle down enough for me to actually write about the chaos. Oh, and there’s no entry fee. Whee!

But I know that not all of you write fiction. So, I’m going to remind you about A Cup of Comfort for a Better World. Maybe you thought you missed the deadline. But the deadline was extended to July 1st. So, if you’ve got between 1,000 to 2,000 words on a story that celebrates compassion, or volunteerism, or generosity, then start writing now.

Because time, tide, and writing deadlines wait for no man (or woman).

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