Facts To Annoy Your Teacher (Yeah, That’s the Ticket)

I may not have had much in the scathingly brilliant words department last week, but a lo-o-o-ng time ago, I wrote something scathingly annoying for the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series.

And just today, I got Facts to Annoy Your Teacher (For Kids Only) in the mail. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books like this! I read bizarre stories and then file them away in the Cathy C. Hall Brain under “Fascinating Things to Know and Tell Your Friends and Family.”

Now, I’ll admit that up to this point, that file hasn’t come in very handy. Unless you count all the times I’ve shared my stories with my friends and family. Which usually is more annoying than fascinating. Though to be fair, there is one Junior Hall who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this kind of stuff. But there’s one in the family (not to point any fingers, but I think you can all figure out exactly which Hall to whom I am referring) who seems to be rather unappreciative of these amazing factoids and brilliantly warped stories.

But I got paid for this brilliantly warped story, so that makes it all good. Just like Facts to Annoy Your Teacher. Go out and buy it for your kid. (But you should read it first. Then you can annoy your friends and family. Yeah, that’s the ticket.)

3 thoughts on “Facts To Annoy Your Teacher (Yeah, That’s the Ticket)

  1. I love this book! Especially the parts on how to make bloody eyeball ice cubes and the presidents' goofs.Not that our President would ever make any goofs,like buying a car company or spending trillons so crooks can get big bonuses. No that would never happen.

  2. Donna, there are tons of these books! More for adults than in the kid series; I got the writing lead from PG :-)And you, my anonymous friend…we all know that Presidents don't goof up…misunderstandings, yes. Mistakes? Wash your mouth out.

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