Finding Something Friday on Cup of Comfort Webinar

Everybody has a story. Everybody.

The thing is, some people are natural born storytellers, and some people, not so much. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the art.

I learned by writing a lot of funny, personal essays. And getting a lot of those essays rejected. I’d like to say that the rejections were the result of some editor not appreciating the scathingly witty tales of Cathy C. Hall. But I suppose that would be a…what’s the word? Oh, yeah. Lie.

The truth is that I had to learn all the fundamentals. And that kinda took longer than I planned. But if Cup of Comfort had offered this webinar a few years ago, I might have jumped to the head of the essay class without all that banging of my thick head against the rejection wall.

Which leads to the email I found in my inbox. There it was, in black and white… Crafting a Narrative Essay:How To Apply Elements of Fiction to Your Non-Fiction Story. You can check it out here, at Cup of Comfort. You’ll learn about pacing and dialogue, setting and structure, and all kinds of other helpful things you need to write your hilarious (or not so hilarious, if you wish) story.

And then, if you wish, you can sell it. ‘Cause everybody likes to make a little money. Everybody.

7 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Cup of Comfort Webinar

  1. Am I the only one disappointed in the word "Webinar?" I just saying that Funk & Wagnalls isn't going to be able to keep up with all these new web words…on their "Webtionary."

  2. Why would you want to apply"elements of fiction", to an otherwise riveting tale of non-fiction? It reminds me of the time President Reagan and I sat down for a chat. He was telling some great stories and was just as fascinated to hear some of mine. He laughed as I told him about the time Jimmy Carter and I were attacked by a giant rabbit.Some of this is true. You'll have to separate the fiction from the non-fiction.

  3. I LOVE "Webtionary!" Let's start using it all the time…Not THAT element of fiction, Anon. Elements like pacing or character development or, oh, never mind. Something tells me you know all about giant rabbits. Like Harvey…

  4. I'll have to check that out … personal essays are one of my favorites to write as well. By the way … I awarded you a Superior Scribbler Award … just posted it today on my blog! Congrats!

  5. Aw, thanks, Kelly! I'm off to check out my award! Cup of Comfort has picked up a few of my essays, but that's not why I gave them the plug 🙂 It's just that the webinar is so darn reasonable. And probably lots easier than the head-banging route I took!P.S. I can see why personal essays are a favorite of yours-you write very entertaining ones!

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