Tooting My Horn Tuesday on Restaurant Tips

If you’re a regular reader here at the Cathy C. Hall of Fame, then you know on Tuesdays, I like to share my published work, so that you, the regular reader, can say, “Well, dang! I guess she does actually get published. I thought she just played around on the internet all day.”

I know that’s what my mom says. (Not that she’s a regular reader here on the blog. Mom wouldn’t read a personal message from the Pope if it came through an email.) There’s also a matter of Mom being a tad sensitive to what may (or may not) be written about her and her activities. But I think this might be one time that Mom would be okay with me telling a story on her. And because mostly, this column has more to do with Dad.

So, here’s Restaurant Tips from Modern Senior Living. And yes, that last bit about Mom and Dad really did happen. (But no one needs to tell Mom I shared this story, or the picture, with you and a gazillion folks on the internet.)

7 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday on Restaurant Tips

  1. Great story. I'm with your father. I don't like restaurants "incorporating" the tip into the bill. And by all means, finish that peach cobbler, or at least share some with the driver of the car that just came through the window.

  2. Oh my gosh … that article is AWESOME! And, that last sentence … priceless!!!!! I really can't blame her though … I mean, it was a cobbler … you can't just walk away from that! 🙂

  3. I know what y'all mean. Nobody walks away from the peach cobbler. Nobody.(Thanks for the kind words! I don't know what I'd write about if it weren't for my relatives. I mean that in a nice way.)

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