What Not to Do Wednesday on Feeling Flickr Foolish

I wish I had a nickel for every time the Beneficent Mr. Hall drove around, trying to find his way. I wouldn’t be a rich woman, but I could probably buy one of those GPS thingies. I’ve always wanted one of those GPS thingies, grasshopper. I should add that to my Christmas list.

The point is, we could save a lot of time and energy if one of us (and I think we know who) asked for help. Unfortunately, grasshopper, there was an incident yesterday when one of us (and I think you know who) should have asked for help, but instead fell into a big, old black hole of foolishness.

Here’s how it started: I wanted to put a little zing into my other blog (Finders & Keepers). So, I happened to notice one of those lovely widgets for Flickr. Wheee! I have a Flickr account. I downloaded a couple of fun photos, followed the directions, but… the widget thing did not come up.

Hmmm. I tried again. And again. Grasshopper, I’m ashamed to say how long I spent trying to find the way to make the widget thingie work. Until the moment when I thought, I can ask for help. I clicked on the Support page and there it shone, brightly lit directions pulling me out of the black hole.

Run, don’t walk, to your Support page or Help page or Ask Forum, or whatever it’s called, grasshopper, if you run into a technical problem. You don’t have time to waste (especially when there’s Christmas Lists to be written).

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