Finding Something Friday on Meyers-Briggs and Blogs

Have you ever taken the Meyers-Briggs personality test? The one where you find out if you’re extroverted, or introverted, thinking or feeling, and such? Way back in the day, when I was (apparently) a different personality, I took the test. I came out ENTJ, which was affectionately called “The Field Commandant.” Hmph.

When I took the test (online) today, I came out ISFJ or ESFJ, depending on which test I want to believe. Either way, I’ve changed personalities. I suppose that’s what thirty years of living with the Beneficent Mr. Hall will do to you. I’ve completely lost my bossing around skills. (Um, not even I believe that.)

Most writers tend to be introverted, I think. And probably most fiction writers will score higher on the sensing, feeling side of the test. We have to have that imagination factor in order to write spiffy stories. Blog writing, on the other hand is completely different. Maybe that’s why my blog scored a different personality than me. (I don’t want to get into a whole Frankenstein thing here, but it kinda weirds me out that I created this blog that’s gone and developed its own personality.)

Try it yourself with this Meyers Brigg personality test for your blog. Turns out Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame is an ESFP, known as The Performers. We’re fun and entertaining blogs. Maybe I’m not particularly fun or entertaining, but wheee! My blog is!

Of course, I had to check Cathy on a Stick’s blog. That blog came out ESTP, The Doers. They’re the active and playful types in the blog world. Now, that’s just scary accurate, isn’t it?

Many thanks to Shrinking Violet Promotions, which I found this week, for providing me with this info on the Typealyzer. If you’re looking for a fascinating blog for the shy types, (or any types, really) Shrinking Violets is packed with promotional stuff for writing types .

Now, fly, fly my blog buddies, and find out what type blog you have! And maybe you could share your blog’s personality with the rest of us. (I’m keeping an eye on the old Hall of Fame. It’s already got a personality. Next, it’ll go get a mind of it’s own. Talk about scary!)

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