I’m a Sucker for Neil Gaiman (Or How I Ended Up with a Twitter Account)

Apparently I have the willpower of a gnat.

Come to think of it, gnats are pretty willful critters. I’ve had gnats annoy me for hours. So maybe gnat is not the best comparison for use in this instance. But in the sense that a gnat is a teeny-tiny little bit of a thing, that’s exactly how much willpower I have.

‘Cause when I saw that Neil Gaiman was going to start a story on Twitter (he’s a fan of tweeting, don’t you know), and that his fan/followers can continue the story with their own little 140 character tweets, well.

Eventually, after 1,000 tweets or so, somebody will bundle it all up and make it an audiobook, to be read by some dashing narrator. Then, I guess folks can buy it. But I’m not buying a book just because I’d be a co-author with Neil Gaiman himself.

Well. I’m not spending any more than 25 bucks on it. Thirty, tops.

7 thoughts on “I’m a Sucker for Neil Gaiman (Or How I Ended Up with a Twitter Account)

  1. Seems like every writer I know is on Twitter. Tweeting is beginning to sound more and more appealing. Maybe I'll give it a try. If I'm not too old to learn how to do it.

  2. Is this really a good idea or nothing more than a gimmick? I remember when Stephen King decided to "publish" a book entirely on the internet. The response was so poor he didn't even finish the book.

  3. Oh, I think Twitter is definitely a fad thing. And other authors have tweeted books, or text messaged books. Guess we'll just have to see if his audio book will fly or never get off the ground. (Sorry-I couldn't help myself!)

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