Finding Something Friday on Saturday Writers and Shameless Promotion

I found an email or two this week from friends who are members of the Saturday Writers, letting me know that their contest deadline has been extended.

It’s a very good thing that friends send little reminders out to friends like me. Because I plumb forgot to post about that contest in the first place! But there’s still time to get your first place in the 8th Annual Short Story Contest. Now you have till November 15th to get your open genre story into the hands of their fantabulous judges, and don’t forget to send your $7.00 entry fee with that 2009 word story. Get complete details at Saturday Writers ( Oh, and I wouldn’t mind another little reminder so that I, you know, actually get that entry in the mail.

And now, since Halloween is nigh, I’m thinking you might be in the mood for a spooky tale. So, creep on over to Cathy-on-a-Stick for pumpkin shenanigans. Or you might want to read Mary Beth’s Prophecy, if you forgot to read that frightening fable when I posted it in the Hall of Fame.

Isn’t it funny how I never seem to forget the shameless promotion? Bwahahahaha!

4 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Saturday Writers and Shameless Promotion

  1. Hi Cathy,Thanks for posting about the contest. The entries are beginning to arrive in my mailbox. I will have to be sure and get something extra nice for my mail carrier for Christmas.Cheers!Donna

  2. Yay, Donna! You could try email subs next year… I'll bet your Inbox would be overflowing (with no mailperson repercussions!)Don't you mean Cathy-on-a-Bell, Bill? (Yeah, that was so, so bad. The Halloween gremlins made me say that.)Thanks, Kelly! Never did carve the big pumpkin. But somehow, Halloween came. It came just the same…:-)

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