Writing Snacks For Everyone!

You’re a hungry writer, right? So grab your favorite treat and a cuppa tea and give Writing Snacks a look-see. It’s a new site created by a couple of children’s writers, and it’s packed with tasty writing stuff.

But just because Dana Konop and Melissa Thomas-Dubois write for children doesn’t mean that the information is just for children’s writers. Oh, no, my hungry-for-writing-tips friends. You’ll find delicious treats about grammar, writing craft, and even blogging.

Those blogging tips and such might come from a guest writer. A guest writer you might recognize. Okay, it’s me. I’ve never been very good with subtlety. But I do have a few good thoughts about blogging. So gobble up those tips and tidbits right here.

Yummy stuff, right? (But save room for all the rest at Writing Snacks!)

Wait a sec! Don’t forget to leave a comment! All month long, every comment for any post puts your name in Santa’s hat for the Hall of Fame Holiday Giveaway! Now, don’t go putting 18 comments on one post or I shall have to hogtie you with a string of broken Christmas lights. Don’t think I won’t go outside and grab one off the bushes.

7 thoughts on “Writing Snacks For Everyone!

  1. Actually you have lots of great ideas about blogging because you have a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing your expertise! (And this will be my only comment today as I'm afraid of hogtieing and broken lights!)Dana

  2. Hi Cathy,I'm not just posting this month to win the prize. Really. I enjoyed your post over at Writing Snacks about blogging. Yours is one I visit regularly because it's so informative–but most of all it's fun!Donna

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