Finding Something Friday on Snow and Contests

Snow! Glorious snow! How happy you make me! When I am inside, and don’t have to take you!

Yep, me and Oliver are singing our hearts out about snow here in my cold corner of Dixie. I realize that for those of you who do have to actually go out in the snow, perhaps even blizzards (brrrrrr!), this might not be a singing occasion. Um, sorry.

BUT, I’ve found a glorious snow contest for you, and that should be worth something, right? It’s brought to you by ReadingWriters (I found it in The Verb ezine, which is the monthly newsletter of ReadingWriters. You can find out all about these fine folks here.) As for the contest, you must write something scathingly brilliant which somehow incorporates snow. And you must be brilliant in 500 words or less. Now, if you’re stuck in your house, snowbound, so to speak, you’ve got plenty of time to be brilliant. So, you see I had your back all along.

One more eensy, teensy thing. You only have till January 15th. So put down the hot chocolate and start writing. Wait! You’ll need details! Go to the Contest Cafe here. And sign up for that ezine while you’re there. Elizabeth Guy, Verb editor, always has something worth reading!

(Snow! Glorious snow! Give me inspiration! My brain is so cold! It’s in hibernation!)

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Snow and Contests

  1. LOVE IT!! I've used that phrase with my husband and he always looks at me like I'm nuts. Of course, many of the things I come up with get the same look!

  2. Cool beans…er…snow. I grew up in New England, so I've got ooh-gobs of snow stories. I'll have to think about this one. My big sis had a short piece published in Reader's Digest a number of years ago called, "Crunch, Crunch!" about–yeah–snow. I bet she can rework it for this little dealie. I'll share with her! Thanks.

  3. Snow more talk about that white stuff, okay???!!! You know it's bad down here when my family in Boston calls to see if I'm surviving the cold! Our temps and wind chill was lower than their temp. Brrrrrrrr…..

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