Finding Something Friday on Chicken Soup’s Family Matters (and Tweeting Such)

Sometime this week, I found an email in my Inbox from the Chicken Soup folks. But I just got around to reading it today. Perfect for Finding Something Friday!

Apparently, people just love nutty family stories. You know what I mean: those knee-slapping tales about your mom or dad or cousins or sister-in-law doing those weird and wacky things that made you want to slap them smack in the…um, well, someday you’ll laugh at those stories. Right now, other people will find them HI-larious. So, write them down, send them in to Chicken Soup, and make a bunch of money off Uncle Bob backing into your car so he wouldn’t hit a pregnant squirrel. You won’t make enough money to fix the car, but you can wave the check in Uncle Bob’s face. Oh, and act fast. Deadline is February 28th.

I also found out that on this day in 1929, Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta. I got that factoid from the Atlanta History Center. Technically, I got that bit of info from a tweet, ’cause the Atlanta History Center is on Twitter. So, if you think Twitter is just 140 character lines about what’s for dinner, it’s time you checked out your museums, aquariums, news services, and even charities. Twitter’s amazing. And okay, a little bit weird and wacky.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that the photo of the Beneficent Mr. Hall that goes along with this post in no way is meant to imply that he is weird and wacky. I can’t help what you infer.

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Chicken Soup’s Family Matters (and Tweeting Such)

  1. I just looked on the Chicken Soup site and saw about the Family stories. I had started one on snow for the Verb contest but knew it wouldn't work, so now it's part of a CS submission.

  2. Ah…the Beneficent Mr. Hall allows me to live in the style to which I have accustomed myself…which includes regular meals and a sweet ride :-)(He's awfully supportive when it comes to my writing-as long as he doesn't have to read it!)

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