What Not To Do Wednesday on Taking Writing Chances

Oh, I know how it is, grasshopper. You see a writing opportunity that’s swell, but still. You start talking to yourself. Saying things like “I’m not experienced enough,” or “I’m not well-known enough,” or I’m not cute enough.” Um, maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, it all comes down to this kind of thinking: “I’d never have a chance for something like that.” So, you skip the writing opportunity until…until when, grasshopper? If you wait till you think you’re experienced enough, or famous enough, or just plain good enough, then you may never break free from your writing ruts.

Don’t do that, grasshopper. Take a chance and see where your writing can take you. And yeah, that’s my name in the February Writer’s Digest. Looking all cute as a button.

17 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on Taking Writing Chances

  1. ok, I'm running right out and a get a copy of Writer's Digest JUST so I can see your name!!! Actually, I'm not running, more like walking to the bus, then the train, then walk to the store…..but for you, I'd do it!

  2. Oh My Gosh, Cathy!! Congratulations!! I am not worthy..I am not worthy…(see me bowing down ala Wayne's World?!) I am so excited for you! Everything you wrote is exactly how I feel about the Big Name magazines and contests….and there you are, proving it CAN be done! Good for you!!

  3. Y'all are making me blush :-)WD asked for writers' opinions re: varied writerish topics and they wrote up a story using the opinions. Hey, it's a start. (Some day, WD will accept one of those queries I keep sending :-)Thanks for the kind words, friends!

  4. To little pig 73, glad you found your way here! (I often go whee!whee!whee! all the way home :-)Madeline, I wrote a (much longer) essay for Sasee magazine about my "writing process" and water…I call my tub and shower my TIT(s) (Thought Intensification Tanks :-)And honestly, Lady Luck, I have to nudge myself about once a week (You can do this, Cathy. C'mon, Cathy, think! Write! Submit!)

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