What Not To Do Wednesday on Backing Up (Files)

I had to add the (Files) part, ’cause honestly, there are some followers out there who might think I meant driving. And driving is not one of my um, strongpoints.

Backing up files was not one of my strongpoints, either. But after an epic crash, you could say I had a “crash” course in file-backing-up. I don’t like to dwell on those dark days, grasshopper. Anyway, we’re not talking about me today. We’re talking about you and your need to back up files.

There are online storage sites you can use to back up your files. Or you can use a flash drive. Assuming you can remember where your flash drive is. Or you can just email yourself important files. That’s what I do with my “pre-published” manuscripts.

I’ve probably explained all of this before, grasshopper, but it bears repeating. Because I just got a message from my new PC. Something to the effect of “Okay, Sister, you haven’t backed up your files. Don’t come crying to me when you lose every last word of your latest scathingly brilliant manuscript. All because you couldn’t take a lousy 30 seconds to back up files.”

Oh, PC. You really have a way with words.

10 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on Backing Up (Files)

  1. It's not "IF" your drive crashes it's "WHEN." Smart move on your part. It's also not a bad idea to back up off site or take a copy of a backup to store at a friend's house so mission critical information won't be lost in the event of a catastrophe.

  2. What do you mean driving is not your strong point!? I had so much fun getting lost with you on the way to Agnes Scott. I can't remember if we laughed more then or when the speaker kept falling over.

  3. You already know how paranoid I am, with the back-up for my back-up's back-up (and I wish I was kidding about that). My hubby uses Carbonite for his business. $50/year and everything is backed up automatically and guaranteed secure. Why don't I use it? Because I'm too paranoid. I like my "H" drive and my flash drive and my old fashioned "C" drive. Maybe old is the operative word here…

  4. Yikes! Donna, I'm afraid Bill is right. It's not a "if" so much as a "when."And Lisa, I know. I hate just typing the word "crash." I've heard of Carbonite. That's a pretty good deal, huh?Anita, nothing will ever top the leaning speaker. Nothing. 🙂

  5. Hey Cathy! OMG, I certainly wouldn't want you to lose any of your scathingly brilliant works!! Here's an off-site back up company that my oldest son told me about. He is definitely the king of my computer! It's called Mozy and you can get a free version. https://mozy.com/home/free. This free one gives you 2GB, which has been enough, so far! You can also get a larger one for $4.95 per month. And here's an important tidbit: Every week, 140,000 hard drives crash in the U.S. !! Donna honey, you better start backing up!!

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