Finding Something Friday : A Book Spine Poem on What Else? Writing

When I saw a blogger buddy of mine’s book spine poem, I knew I had to try that idea out.

Madeline, over at The Shellshank Redemption (and P.S. I LOVE that name), got the idea from one of her writer buddies, who got it from…well, you get the point. April is National Poetry Month and using book spines to write a poem is a fun way for anyone to get in on the action. So, here’s what I found this Friday morning. Read the book titles, disregarding any other words on the spine:

If at First You Don’t Succeed (By Cathy C. Hall and other assorted authors)

Now, it’s your turn, writer buddies. What poem is waiting on your book shelf? Surprise and delight me on this lovely April morning!

10 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday : A Book Spine Poem on What Else? Writing

  1. Ooohhh…I've got 2 good ones already, and my camera battery is too low…so I'm charging it right this minute! You know I love a challenge!! Be back soon! 🙂

  2. this is groovy fun. like taking word magnets and making poetry! (which is now used to have poetry in motion – pretty awesome – take a handful of words and arrange it into verse.

  3. Donna-yes, you are!And Karen-okay,"groovy fun" cracked me up. Not sure you MEANT to crack me up 🙂 But yeah, it reminds me of the fridge magnets. Of which I own. And use. Does that make me "groovy fun"?

  4. Cathy – I would say you are totally groovy fun! (p.s. I love those magnets, and would have them myself, except for the fact that my cat would knock them down to play hockey with them on the kitchen floor, and I would be left with silly words like "and" and "nothing.")

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