May Day (and Writing Beginnings)

It’s May!

It’s May! The month of “Yes, you may!”

If you recognize those lyrics from Camelot, and can hear Julie Andrews singing “The Lusty Month of May,” then we’re probably a. pretty much the same age and b. soul mates.

But I’m bringing up that song for more than just a seeking out of similar-aged soul mates (though that’s always a pleasure, too). The truth is, I played writing hooky on the first of the month-and I’m blaming it on May Day. How can a body get writing goals and business in order when celebrating the glories of God’s green earth? Or the joys of His Mother, Mary?

(For Catholic girls back in the day, the month ushered in the May Crowning, when we’d gather bouquets of flowers or roses from our yards and file into church to lay our offerings before Mary. “Oh, Mary, we crown you with blossoms today…”, another song I want to hum on May Day.)

So, now’s it time to take out my calendar and list all my lovely writing goals. First, I’ll fill in regular gigs on their due dates. Then, I’ll take a look at a few markets or contests that I want to submit to this month, and I’ll add them to my calendar. Finally, I’ll pencil in time for work on my YA maunscript. I’ll tack my calendar on the wall next to my computer so I can keep up with the month’s objectives. It’s all very organized and scathingly professional.

Or I might just hang out in my lounge chair, drinking cherry limeade and reading some cheesy paranormal thriller. Because, hey, it’s May.

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14 thoughts on “May Day (and Writing Beginnings)

  1. Because as Wendy said to Peter Pan, "I'm (and by I'm, I mean we're) too grown up."(I'm not sure when that happens exactly, but I can say with some certainty that it's NOT the age of 22 when certain Juniorette Halls schedule time to sit out in louge chairs.)

  2. So true! We need to start a "Schedule Relaxing Time" Club…or Blog…or something! And Cathy C….I think my favorite song from Camelot is "If Ever I Would Leave You"…ahhhh…swoon..

  3. Hi Cathy,I love "Camelot" and remember all of the words from that song, as well as the words to "Oh, Mary we crown thee with blossoms today, Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May. . ."Last week I read that May is National Short Story month, so that's another reason to celebrate.May you fulfill all the goals you've set for yourself this May, and if you don't may you have a lot of fun trying.Donna

  4. Oh, Camelot! Becky, I don't know if I'll be able to work now that I have Robert Goulet and Richard Burton in my head…:-)And Donna, there are some memories (like the May crowning)that make me feel younger than Botox ever could!May you all have a wonderful month full of "Yes, you may" writing!

  5. Sorry to do that to you, Cathy….awww, not really! Isn't it much more fun having those guys in your head?! I think I may have to find a used CD of Camelot now!! You might remember how I think I can sing…and do it often, loudly!

  6. Hello, soul mate. I know the whole Camelot score pretty much by heart and have the piano songbook at home…not that I'm talented enough to play any of it, but my mama was. She played and I'd sing my heart out. I have the movie version in my head — Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Burton and…aw, geez, who was Lancelot? Franco somebody? Now I'm gonna have to go Googling.

  7. Becky, I'll bet you could find all your favorites Camelot song/videos online. Not the same as that CD blaring in your car while you drive along, singing at 57 decibels. Or maybe that's just me :-)Oh, man, Lisa. Now I'm gonna have to Google that guy…I went to see a production of Camelot with Richard Harris and he was unable to go on-so I decided to turn in my tickets. The Beneficent Mr. Hall was like, "What's wrong with you? I thought you loved Camelot!" "I do," I said. "But I know it so well I can recite and sing the ENTIRE thing. I was only going to see Richard Harris."He was happy to save his money. 🙂

  8. What a lovely piece, Cath — all your old nuns would be so proud — and Robert Goulet probably would be tickled too. I hope the whole month is great for you.

  9. I looked it up right after I posted that comment, Becky, but I was just too sad to post it. :-(Thanks for adding it here for those who wondered. Robert Goulet was a gem of a guy.

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