Finding Something Friday on Business Cards (Or Everybody Needs a Simon Cowell Friend)

So, I told you that I purchased new business cards, right? But when they came in, I could see that the photo I used on the card was a tad dark. Still, I figured the card would work.

Until a writer friend of mine said, “Your photo’s too dark.”

Um, I went to work on that photo, lightening it up, and then ordered new cards. And today, I found the new cards in my mailbox!

As you can clearly see, my writer friend was right. And I’m so glad she told me what I’m sure everyone else was thinking. (If only she could have told me in a British accent.)

11 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Business Cards (Or Everybody Needs a Simon Cowell Friend)

  1. As Mr. Cowell might say, "I have just three words regarding the original photo. Hor Ren Dous. Your second attempt is much improved. I'm putting you through to next round!"

  2. If I'm being perfectly honest, I'd have to say you're right in your assessment. (And thanks for putting me through to second round. Whatever that is for a business card.)

  3. Hey Cathy,Maybe you should use the first set of cards to advertise your dark humor pieces?DonnaP.S. Well, I'll brepown if I know what my secret verification word brepown means.

  4. Hey Miss Cathy C! Love the new cards!! Yes, much better to actually see you, dahhhhling! :DAnd hey, I guess I didn't know you also like to sing…and probably sing quite well…and then have people tell you, you don't?! That's what my husband always tells me…but he must have a tin ear! 😮

  5. I wouldn't waste any of them, Cath — the dark ones can be your "summer" cards where everything got a nice tan! Kind of fits in with the humor theme.

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