Bunches of Books!

I’m having one of those weeks filled with bunches of books! There’s one you can win, one that I won, one that’s a sneak peek, and one that a friend passed along on a loan.

That kinda rhymed, didn’t it? Kinda? Anyway, we must hurry if you want to win a book.

My buddy, Jodi, is giving away When A Woman Takes An Axe to a Wall. Which could go several ways, but in this case, has to do with handywoman’s work. You only have till midnight TONIGHT to win this book. But even if you’re not into axeing down walls like me, you’ll love Jodi’s blog. So, skedaddle over there and put a comment on her blog wall.

Last week, I mentioned that I won Savvy, a swell middle grade book by Ingrid Law. But I also won a book called Epitaph Road, a swell YA book by David Patneaude. Know how I won it? Twitter. Well, Twitter to Facebook. Twitter is just a fount of book giveaways! So, there’s another place to zip through if you like to win books (and then give them away after you read them). Which is likely to happen soon with Epitaph Road.

I received Accidental Cowgirl by Mary Lynn Archibald in the mail yesterday, and I will tell you that it’s a. a humorous memoir, b. it’ll be on a later blog book tour here at the Hall of Fame and c. the whole name of the book is Accidental Cowgirl, Six Cows, No Horse and No Clue. I haven’t even opened the book and I know I’m gonna laugh. So, you’ll want to hear more in July, when Mary Lynn Archibald stops by.

And finally, I had lunch with a buddy (okay, it was Anita) who passed along The Maeve Binchy Writer’s Club. She really enjoyed this book about the business of writing, and as I really enjoy her blog, and her fine self, I’m itching to sit down and read this book.

But I’ve got bunches of books to read. And miles to go before I sleep. (That poem reference kinda fit, didn’t it? Kinda?)

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