Finding Something Friday: writeoncon (It’s a Writer’s Conference)

Good news, and even better news, and okay, maybe a teensy bit of bad news on Finding Something Friday.

The Good News is for all you writers who’ve been complaining that nobody loves you, everybody hates you, wah, wah, wah. ‘Cause a bunch of writer-ly folks do love you! And not like your significant other who says he/she does and then won’t go see your favorite movie with you.

Um, anyway, these lovely folks joined forces to organize an online writer’s conference called writeoncon! Let’s see…you’ll find agents, writers, editors, and others who know lots of writer-ly stuff, and they’re thrilled to share what they know.

And the even Better News? It’s free! Yep, absolutely FREE! Sign up is July 1st.

And now the sorta Bad News. It’s only for kidlit writers. Like your protagonist must be under 18. Not that an under 18 protagonist necessarily makes for a children’s novel. But the focus of the conference is children’s/YA writing.

Now, dash over right here to get more info on writeoncon. And give yourself a big, old hug!

(And thanks to Jessica for pointing me in the direction of this conference!)

7 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: writeoncon (It’s a Writer’s Conference)

  1. Thank you, MY. Since you aged my protagonist to 17 she is coming in just under the wire! I'll put it on my list of things to check into.Hope you're having a great Father's Day weekend.Lisa

  2. I AM having a great weekend-mostly because I let the father around here do whatever he wanted all weekend. Um, you know I'm talking about watching spors, right??? :-)Can't wait to hear more from your protagonist! (17? Yeah, that sounds good. 🙂

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