Accidental Cowgirl Goes to…

Howdy, pard’ners! It’s been so dad-burned hot around here, I can’t hardly think straight.

That’s cowgirl talk for “I completely forgot to draw a winner for Mary Lynn Archibald’s wonderful memoir yesterday!” But now I have my wits about me, so Accidental Cowgirl goes to…

Jenny! So, Jenny (who dropped in to celebrate my BON award!), I hope you’ll drop in again with your email so I can get your address and send the book.

Now, I don’t want the rest of y’all to feel too down-in-the-dumps. I have another splendiferous book (Okay, I can’t stand it-it’s a cozy little needle-and-thread mystery) coming up on a blog tour in August. I know you’ll love it, so I hope you’ll drop in again and try to win.

Meanwhile, HEY! Isn’t it August already? Time flies when you’re having fun. Or your brain cells are getting cooked. Either way, we’re giving away a book in ten days or so. Now git along little doggies. (That’s cowgirl talk for “I’ve got a looong, cool drink with my name on it-and I suggest you find one for yourself.”)

5 thoughts on “Accidental Cowgirl Goes to…

  1. Congrats to Jenny!! And wow, I think this summer might be in the record books for one of THE hottest in a long time! It's fairly "normal" for St. Louis, I guess, but it's been awhile since we've had such a hot and humid one. Another reason I LOVE autumn! It's always so wonderful after the heat waves!! Git 'er done! Oops, I mean Git a long! πŸ˜€

  2. Yep, the dog days came early to Georgia this year. But that's okay as long as those people keep making slushies. :-)Becky, happy writing on YOUR memoir. You know you're welcome to stop here if you want to do a blog tour!

  3. I can't believe it's August either – did my Motivational Monday post and realized it could actually work for the month, too. My husband calls the summer heat in FL "melt your face" hot. I just keep thinking about walking on the beach in January, going in the pool in February…Hang in there, everyone!

  4. Me? Me? ME?????!!!!!!Oh man. I am totally excited about this. I had written this on my read list … and now I can do it sooner rather than later.Thank you so much for picking me.Here's my e-mail address:jennymatlock at cox dot netThank you again!

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