Finding Something Friday Beginning With A 90 Year Old Blogger

Need a smile? You’ll find one when you watch this BBC story about Phyllis Greene from Ohio, a 90 year old who’s whooping it up in the blogosphere. It’s a little bit funny (as Elton John would sing) that the BBC would bring us this American story. But I’m glad those producers came al-l-l-l-l-l-l the way over here, and Ms. Greene surely enjoyed the experience.

Oh, and did I mention that Phyllis has almost 200 followers? And that she’s on Facebook? And that she’s in hospice? One of my choir friends told me about Phyllis last night, but honestly? It’s stories like this, about a spunky 90 year old blogger, that make my heart sing!

You know what makes my heart race? Numbers, and figures, and word problems, oh my! So when I found this cool search engine that can do all sorts of calculating, I sped over to Wolfram. Now, I didn’t really have anything earth-shattering to figure out on this particular morning, but a gal likes to keep up with her BMI (Body Mass Index). And unfortunately, thinking really, really hard doesn’t burn any calories. So I let Wolfram figure it out for me. Of course, you might want to find other scathingly brilliant stuff from this computational knowledge engine. But just throwing around a phrase like “computational knowledge engine” already makes you sound brilliant, right?

Finally, I found my horoscope this morning. To wit: You have fans in the sidelines you do not even know about. They are waiting for the right moment to make their interest in you known. They have been entertained by you and can’t wait to see what you will do next.

So, I’m fixing to run around the neighborhood, wearing nothing but a tiara and tennis shoes, just to see what happens. But first, I’m calling the BBC.

13 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Beginning With A 90 Year Old Blogger

  1. My granddaughter owes me big time for this Wolfram link; it helped her get through college algebra. I hate numbers, but I love words. Let me know how that goes with you running around town inyour birthday suit, princess.

  2. Okay, my first comment got lost. I'll try again and hope it doesn't miraculously multiply! First, I wanna be like Phyllis when I grow up. Wow. Second, the Wolfram link is cool, but I don't wanna know my BMI right now 'cuz I'm getting ready to pour a big glass of calorie-laden vino. Last, since I live only about ten minutes from you, please let me know the minute you head out of your house in tiara and sneaks. I don't want to miss that.

  3. To Linda and Lisa, I'll just say that I live in an area where a naked woman traipsing around the block is apparently NOT that big a deal.And Vicky, I have that same warm/fuzzy/heartburn thing. But I think Phyllis may be the real deal! πŸ™‚

  4. Love the new look for your blog. I've been playing around with mine for about two weeks and can't make up my mind which template I like (leaning toward Awesome #3 but what if I change it and decide I hate it later? Can't get the old one back). I'm so dang wishy-washy. In my next life I'm going to be able to make simple decisions without deliberation for six months prior.

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I love it, too!I kept seeing that notice about new templates, and thinking I should check that out. And then the other night, after having enjoyed an adult beverage or two, I checked out the new templates. And 20 minutes later, wheee! A new blog!Might I suggest an adult beverage (or two)? It worked for me! πŸ™‚

  6. Love Phyllis! Glad it's you, not me in the tiara and birthday suit. In my neighborhood, I'd get arrested πŸ™‚ (there are some condo complex busybodies checking on everything!)Don't you get in trouble….I'm counting on you for that ride home from the conference!By the way…where do I find the new templates???

  7. Hey Gail! I can't promise not to get in trouble. Hopefully that won't affect my travel options. :-)When you go to the dashboard, look for the tab for Design. There's an icon for Template Designer. Click on that to find new designs. Have fun!

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