October Things Giveaway Winner One is…

Nicole! Who’s in for a real chocolate treat! She’ll also be getting Neil Gaiman’s book, M is for Magic, a collection of spooky tales for the young (but I like them, too!).

Pssst! A little secret for y’all…I had intended to write up the Giveaway post yesterday, but at the last minute, I dashed off to see Chip Coffey, the psychic, medium and spiritual counselor. I’d watched Chip on Paranormal State (on A & E) but was totally surprised to find that he lives right in my backyard.

Okay, not actually in my backyard. More like my neck of the woods. So there he was, the perfect opportunity for me to get some research for my YA novel, which just happens to be a mystery with haints, humor, and lots of psychic and medium stuff. I’ve always wanted to see a medium and psychic, doing his/her thing. And being able to write off the ticket as a business expense was just icing on the writing cake.

Bottom line, I had a very strong feeling that I should go see Chip Coffey. He answered lots of questions, and did quite a few readings. But he didn’t say a word about the Atlanta Braves’ chances in the playoffs.

Stay tuned for the next October Things giveaway, when I share my feelings about baseball and the Braves. You’ll find out about the next treats you can win. Hmmm…I’m getting a very good feeling about that.

5 thoughts on “October Things Giveaway Winner One is…

  1. Congrats to Nicole….but I must've forgotten to send my bribe for this particular contest….Hmmm…guess I should go back and read what I posted on October 6th! 🙂

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