Finding Something Friday on the FFW Contest

Okay, my essay writing friends, this contest’s for you!

It’s the Annual FundsForWriters Essay Contest (I told you it was for you!) with this year’s theme: When Writing Made A Difference. (Seriously. Could you find a better writing contest?)

You’ve got 750 words to make your point, and you can choose either the fee ($5.00) or no fee contest. The cash prizes are higher for the fee contest, but that’s only fair. And you’ve got till midnight on October 31st to get the essay emailed to C. Hope Clark.

Yes, you heard me right. October 31st. Which gives you two whole days to get your scathingly brilliant thoughts organized, written and sent off.

You do work better under pressure, right?

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on the FFW Contest

  1. Maybe you were busy writing, hmmm? Outlining for Nano? Getting all those characters ready?Or maybe you were just eating Halloween candy, Deb. :-)Now, off to writing, the two of you!

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