What Not To Do Wednesday on SPAM! (And a Birthday Winner!)

So, grasshopper, we meet again to discuss the perils of the writing world. And by perils I mean SPAM. But I’m afraid that whenever I hear the word SPAM, I must hie away to Monty Python and watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE

Or play this SPAM game here.

Hahahahaha! Okay, enough SPAM. Down to email SPAM business.

One of my wonderful writing friends, whom I sometimes do writing business with, recently hopped over to my bad side when she didn’t respond to an important email. Totally not like her, so I sent a follow-up. She responded promptly and we got back on track. Or so I thought.

Until I sent another email. Again, no response. Grrrrrr. It turned out that, for reasons only the email gremlins can answer, some of my emails were sporadically zipping into her SPAM file. Naturally, she was upset. I mean, I’m not that important. But who knows whether someone truly adorable, like Tony DiNozzo, senior agent on NCIS, had emailed her?

Now, I know this writer probably gets a ton of SPAM. Me? Not so much. So it’s no biggie for me to check my SPAM folder regularly. ‘Cause about once a week, an email will pop up there that should be delivered to my regular inbox. Who knows why? I’m just glad that I don’t get a ton of SPAM. It makes checking the SPAM folder easy.

So, two things, grasshopper. Oh, make that three. First, consider setting up another email account. If I need to provide an email address, say for a restaurant promotion, I use the non-business account. Then when the advertising starts pouring in, I don’t have to worry about it clogging up my inbox.

Secondly, don’t assume that everything in your SPAM folder is SPAM. Check that SPAM once in awhile. And finally, don’t knock Spam, Spam, bacon and eggs and Spam until you’ve tried it.

(P.S. Almost forgot the Birthday Giveaway winner: Becky! Though I could never forget scathingly brilliant Becky. Send me your email and I promise, I’ll respond!)

16 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on SPAM! (And a Birthday Winner!)

  1. Recently, my brother celebrated a birthday. I sent what I thought was a heartfelt birthday greeting. As time passed and I heard nothing, I thought that #$+&*@! He doesn't appreciate a well written, heartfelt greeting on beautiful electronic stationery! Days later I learned that he had indeed responded with a lovely electronic thank you note that my E-mail software promptly zapped. Cathy, you are so right; check the Spam folder, look under the couch, look in your purse and in the pages of that book you were reading. By all means, never assume that your sibling hates your guts and would never accept a birthday greeting from you.

  2. Hi Cathy,Here's a terrible poem about Spam:Ode to SPAM When I was young and we were poorMomma fried you up in a cast-iron skillet.Now I'm white-haired and poor no more, but I remember your sizzle sounded like a cartoon bullet.Some techno-nerds hijacked your name to mean something unwanted or worthless.But to folks like me your memory is one of hot food, filling and a bit tasteless.SPAM – It's more than canned meat. Sometimes it might hide a treat.

  3. What?? I won?? I won?? YAY!! I'M SO EXCITED!! I WON YOUR BIRTHDAY GIVE-AWAY!!Thank you! But, Cathy, my dear,you already have my e-mail address,unless ummm, the e-mail-spam-gremlins ate it!!

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