What Not To Do Wednesday on Dreams

The chance of celebrating a white Christmas in Georgia is about as good as…well, a snowball’s chance you-know-where. But lo! Late Christmas afternoon, snow fell upon my sweet, Southern homeland. A holiday dream come true!
Which brings me to that time of year, grasshopper, when the old year is taking its last gasps and the smell of the brand-spanking New Year is in the air. It’s when I’m sitting in my favorite, over-stuffed chair, the Christmas tree leaning a little to the right, peppermint pieces stuck in the carpet, that I take to pondering dreams.
Sure, some folks call ’em “resolutions.” Others might even call ’em “goals.” But I like to ponder dreams. Dreams of getting a contract for that book I’ve been writing all year long. Dreams of making enough income from my writing to come out in the plus column. Dreams of hearing the words “Newbery Award” and Cathy C. Hall in the same sentence.
I mean, what’s the use of dreaming if you can’t dream big? Of course, I don’t just ponder and dream. I make lists of Things To Do to get my big-time dreams on track. Still, pondering, dreaming, and making lists is not going to get you far along the track. Don’t quit there, grasshopper. Follow through and do the important stuff. Write. Read. Write. Revise. Write. Rewrite. Day by day, month in, month out. January till December.
Because dreams can come true, grasshopper. I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

10 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on Dreams

  1. I'm trying to end the year on a positive note – I've got a writing challenge set up for 2011 and my last post of the year is about my favorite reads of 2010. And one of these days, Ms. Cathy, your book will be on one of my favorite reads list, too. No doubt! :)Happy New Year!

  2. Linda, we're expecting warm temps like that tomorrow. Thank goodness-a little snow goes a long way with me. And you know what else? YOU inspire me. I love how reciprocity works out. :-)Madeline, your faith in me makes me a better writer…thanks for your always kind words.And now, I have to zip over and read what y'all have to say at this end of 2010. May we all have a marvelous 2011!

  3. Hi Cathy,Love your recent posts. Linda is right, you are an inspiration to us all. The photo of the hawk is awesome. Maybe it's an omen that you will capture the publishing beast.And your description of the snow is lovely. Dreams do come true.I read somewhere that goals are dreams with deadlines. And I think that's what we writers have–dreams with deadlines.Wishing you peace, prosperity, and publishing success in 2011.Cheers,Donna

  4. Oh, thanks, Donna. I SO hope you're right about the hawk!And Vicky, in tallying my end-of-year stuff…I was freakin' awesome in the reading department! The rewrite department-not so much. 🙂

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